Sunday, October 21, 2012

Get Assistance From an Experienced Mold Inspection Company and Make Your Home Safe

If the building you live in or work in has ever experienced elevated humidity, condensation, moisture leakage, or all out flooding, you may have a mold problem. Any moisture in your property should be well controlled and regulated to prevent mold from growing. Do not be timid about going for a mold test.

Do you think your health is important? Well, yes it is. Mold not only affects your health, it affects the value of your property as well. Mold infection can raise the risk of a variety of respiratory problems and asthma-related health issues by 30 - 50%

If you suspect that your home or office has mold contamination it is best to have a professional mold inspection conducted by a State licensed mold inspector and not by a mold remediator.

Mold produces allergens and toxic elements and the surrounding area tends to rot. Mold can cause more than mild irritation for some. It may lead to runny noses, allergies, rashes, sneezing and asthma that makes it nearly impossible to sleep in your house by night, or work at the office by day depending on where the mold is growing. It is a cause of concern with the old and the young, and people with compromised immune systems, and those suffering from asthma. Hence, it is important to get mold testing done on your home or office to maintain safety if you detect musty odors, or see mold, or have had water intrusion problems.

Often molds are not visible for naked eye, and may grow within walls, behind cabinets, and under sinks. Certain mold is only visible through air tests. So, it is important to get assistance from an experienced mold inspection firm. When looking for a company it is best to carefully research the company that will be doing the inspection of your property. It ensures the good health of the people and increases the likelihood of you finding an honest company. Check out the most ethical mold inspection company which not only inspects the property, but also provides a detailed report. The surface and air samples that are collected from the site of inspection should be submitted to a lab for analysis, in some cases the inspectors company may be certified in spore analysis, this is a good thing as long as they do not also offer mold removal services.

There may be different types of spores present in the air or on surfaces in various quantities. The testing is not always required if growth is obvious but can be beneficial and add an additional level of information is growth is not visible.

Generally, a mold inspection conducted by a highly qualified and certified mold consultant can help with disputes and influence a building owner, insurance company, or landlord to deal with a problem. In addition your mold abatement company should follow appropriate guidelines provided by the report when conducting removal procedures.

Go for a fully qualified inspector and a separate and equally qualified remediator to get rid of molds effectively from your home.

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