Monday, October 8, 2012

A Home that Inspires…

gorgMost people find their words of motivation from sources around them but the most powerful inspiration is that we have within ourselves.

Inspirational messages can often lead us in directions that we believe are out of our control. Populations have committed terrible acts simply as a result of messages fed to them by politicians and other flawed leaders. Examples abound throughout history but obvious examples are found in the prejudice against Jews in Germany prior to and during the Second World War and indeed the anti-Semitism still to be found today. Of course racist propaganda in general is all too common and is on the whole completely untrue.

Sadly misleading messages are still normal today. Politicians use the media to influence people (calling it 'spin') and distributors of products persuade us to buy their products through advertising. It can be difficult to find reliable, wholesome inspiration messages and leaders in today's society.

Celebrities are too often seen as a source of inspiration messages too. 'Being cool' is an example of how many, particularly young, people follow fashions influenced by singers and television stars but sadly too few of these role models show sufficient responsibility to project a useful and positive image.

You may now be unsure where to get the best inspiration.

There is no doubt that there are wonderful authors, speakers, successful business people and even a few celebrities (such as Will Smith) who have great positive messages to share. I would always advocate listening to the right leaders and immersing yourself in their books and speeches but we all have positive influences closer to home if we know where to look.

Many of us would feel that our family and friends often fail to understand why we want to make more of our lives but that does not mean they do not love us. We just have to draw the inspiration from whatever warmth they show us.

I used to misunderstand members of my family when they said "take care' or 'be careful:' such phrases always made me feel they did not have confidence in my abilities. I read their message as 'take care as you clearly are unable to look after yourself.' One day however I heard a speaker explaining what such warnings meant. What my family were actually saying was 'Take care, as I have no idea how I would cope if you hurt yourself,' which showed their love and were really words of motivation for me.

Sometimes friends will call you and just want to chat. That in itself is another positive message for you; wanting to pass the time of day with you (and nobody else) is a great affirmation of their love for you. Hours and days spent whiling the time away with such people are not only relaxing but show that you are worth the time spent. Understand how this can be an inspiration message for you.

The relationships we have with those around us are hugely valuable and can be used to recharge our batteries. But they are also a two way street; not only can we draw inspiration from the love shown to us but we can also use the opportunities to show how much we value other people. We know when we have positively influenced others and curiously this reflects back on us too.

Of course there will be the odd destructive personality around you and, if this is the case, simply politely spend less time with them. If you want to get your own back on them you just need to get what you want out of life and they will know without you saying anything.

We just need to understand the real motivation of those around us and realise that actually there is a lot of love there. Nurture the relationships you have and you will come to find a safe, positive haven you can go to find a recharge when you need it. People often have different ways of showing their love, all you need to do is recognise it, show love to them and you will have ample inspiration to succeed in whatever way you want.

"The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege."

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Most of us dread Mondays, but hopefully this beautiful home will ease us into the workweek with less dread and bitternessSmile.  I devoured every detail of this home several times. It’s really intoxicating and as I sit here at my kitchen island sipping on coffee, I thought this would make the perfect Monday morning post. I hope you will share my enthusiasm. Enjoy…

Did I make your Monday any better? I sure hope soSmile. Today definitely feels like Fall; brisky weather with rain which means that a second cup of coffee is warranted. Have a wonderful Monday my friends. XX


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