Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gathering Inspiration for Design Clients

I am knee deep in e-decorating projects, and I love it! When I am gathering inspiration for clients, I find that pinterest is a great source. The first component that I present to my clients is the inspiration board. It has a collection of inspiring rooms and ideas, with some specific pieces for the space. Lately, the designs I have been putting together make me want to re do some rooms in my own home! More on that later...
Here are some inspiring spaces that show a glimpse into the direction of some of my most recent projects:

Color palette and concave mirrors:

Baskets for blankets:

Symmetrical Gallery Wall Around TV:

Gold/Brass Accents:

Lantern Style Lighting:

What's on your to do list around your home? I can't wait to share my new ideas for mine!

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