Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY: Hemming Your Curtains - The No Sew Way!

I meant to show you this DIY project last week, but I fell a bit behind. I recently added new drapery panels to our master bedroom, but they were too long. 84" panels would have been too short and 95" panels (the size I bought) were too long. Well, I don't sew, so I needed to figure out a cost effective way to handle this dilemma. My chosen option... stitch witchery! This is the first time I ever used this, and I loved it! It can also be called 'hemming tape' and it's a no sew option for adding decorative trim, hemming panels or for any fabric project. Here is the finished product: (They still need to be steamed, but hey- some day!)

Here is my DIY tutorial:

1. I first hung my panels on the curtain rod and pinned them to the desired height. That way, I didn't have panels that ended up being too short! I wanted to make sure they puddled about 1-2 inches on the ground. Then lay your drapery panels out and measure how much you want to hem. I hemmed up about 8 inches.

2. Next, place a couple strips of stitch tape on your panels. I tried to place them towards the top and bottom of the hem, making sure they held up well.

3. Then, bring your panel up to the desired height and press down with a damp cloth, then warm iron. Make sure you continue to move the iron, using small movements.

4. Gently pull back on the part you hemmed, to ensure you have a strong bond. And there you have it- hemming the no sew way!

Pretty soon, I hope to show more of the room, including some new pillows! Stay tuned...

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  1. Seems like a simple DIY home improvement project that most of us could handle - thanks for sharing it!