Monday, August 31, 2009

Find Out Why Stainmaster Carpet Is Your Best Choice

by: John Murray

If you are in the market for new carpet chances are you have plenty of questions about which manufacturers are best, which carpets have the best warranties, what to look for when buying carpet, and the list goes on. Of course there are several excellent carpet manufacturers but one that really stands out is Stainmaster Carpet. Find out why Stainmaster carpet is your best choice.

Stainmaster carpet offers it all. Exceptional service and a first class product with plenty of styles to choose from, and a superb warranty.

Stainmaster is known as an industry leader when it comes to innovation and carpet fashions. They've got hundreds of colors and styles to choose from. They're very proud of their latest member to the family the Tactesse nylon fiber line which is even more luxurious than wool.

Stainmaster is very proud of the carpet construction which is second to none. They use bulked continuous filament which means that the yarn is formed from continuous strands of nylon which is textured to create a fuller rug as well as provide curled fiber as well as straight.

Each carpet fiber is then wrapped to provide a tighter twist and a more resilient carpet. It also resists crushing from footprints, matting, and texture change.

After the fiber is twisted it is then treated with a heat system to lock the twist into place. This means your carpet is less likely to snag and unravel or crush from heavy traffic.

After the fiber has been heat treated it is thread onto large carpet needles and then stitched to the backing. How dense the carpet becomes is determined by the amount of yarn that is used.

It is then saturated in a liquid dye solution followed by a solution that sets the color, then it is dried. Finally it is saturated with the stain guard solution and it is once again dried. Finally it is coated with Stainmaster's unique Teflon® solution. The end result is a carpet that's gorgeous, able to repel stains, and dirt, and will last a long time.

Stainmaster Carpet offers a variety of styles. The Cultured Beauty Line is their most popular line offering a warranty that guarantees it won't wear more than 10% in ten years during normal home use. It also has been engineered to retain its texture and not flatten down. The stain guard guarantees against most household type stains for a seven year period and it's also guaranteed to not change color due to soil for a seven year period. It even has an anti static warranty.

Some of the most popular carpet styles in the cultured beauty line are beach comber, birch bark, champagne bubbles, chenille white, and ice crystal. In their vibrant colors there is earth violet, crab apple, faded denim, nocturne, ocean reef, confetti pink, and a host of other choices.

Four very other popular styles are the 352 Rhett, 353 Scarlet, 358 Romeo, and 359 Juliet all with the Teflon solution, the wear warranty, stain and soil warranty. These four lines are rich and plush providing a full bodied carpet in a wide range of fashionable colors. Durable and beautiful all in one!

Carpet is a big investment so be sure you check out Stainmaster Carpet and see what they can offer you!

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