Sunday, November 11, 2012

How A Woman Can Get Her Husband To Like Scented Candles

A man walks into a room and is immediately struck by the scent of something familiar, yet he can't quite put his finger on it. The smell is not overly sweet or garish. Instead, it is fresh, bold and... slightly masculine. He looks around the room for the source of the smell and realizes it's coming from that decorative candle warmer sitting on the coffee table. At first he is puzzled as his eyes focus in on the two bars of scented wax gently melting in the dish. Could this really be a candle? It only takes a brief moment for him to accept the fact that this enchanting smell that currently has him enthralled is indeed an intriguing candle fragrance. However, this isn't just any ball of wax. He is enjoying the wafting aromatic wonders of a manly-scented candle. One whiff was enough to turn him into a fan of this amazing line of male-oriented fragrances.
The above scenario is not so unusual considering that men often buy cologne that feature scents that specifically appeal to men. This is because cologne has long been accepted by the male gender as being okay to wear because it is distinctively different from female perfume. When it comes to scented candles, however, traditionally men have shied away thinking them to be more of a female thing.
Fortunately, times are changing and men are increasingly purchasing scented candles for their own use. You can bet that the flowery scents with girly candle holders are not their preference. Men want aromatic candles that remind them of favorite memories and experiences that they can relate to well. Think along the lines of the earthy outdoors, sporting events, hobbies, cars, the beach, fishing, eating or simply sitting in their favorite chair. Women may think that it is difficult to capture such esoteric smells into a bar of wax, but actually it only takes a bit of research into what smells really appeal to men, as well as, some time and dedication to creating them.
Many women who really love candle fragrances will often hesitate to bring them home in fear that their guy won't enjoy it. The scents may cause him to roll his eyes and deem them too girly. More than likely he'll go along with his lady's choices because they make her happy. Do you think that your guy may not like your candle scent choices as much as you do? If so, this is okay because you can now compromise by picking up scents he'll love too with scents designed for men. One of the things you can do if he's not a natural candle lover is to explain that they are wonderful mood-enhancing aromatherapy fragrances. Guys suffer from stress all the time, and most would welcome the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing aroma as they lounge on the couch or in their favorite chair.
Both men and women can enjoy these magical manly fragrances as they slowly fill the air and arouse the senses.

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