Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rehoboth Beach Real Estate Market Is Out Of Control

There are many real estate blogs on the internet today, this one relates to mostly real estate in the state of Delaware. It even further relates to real estate specifically in Sussex County. There are three counties in Delaware and Sussex is what is known as the beach part of Delaware. The market in Rehoboth Beach is on fire as of today. Houses are selling all over the place in Lewes Beach, Dewey Beach, and Rehoboth Beach. Buyers are relocating to these beach towns because they are very modern. I am a real estate agent and I service all of Delaware and its three counties. I mostly sell homes in the beach towns because more people are looking to buy homes there as opposed to Northern Delaware. Although the market in New Castle County is still stable I get more sales from people who are looking for a vacation home. Buyers love vacation homes and everyone wants a place to get away. The beach towns in Delaware have some of the most luxurious communities. For example The Peninsula Delaware is one of the most coveted communities in Delaware. It has a wonderful golf course and swimming pools that are exquisite. In other blog posts I will be talking about the Rehoboth Beach real estate market. As well as the Lewes DE real estate market. These markets are so good right now you would be at a disadvantage not to get involved. Most of  the homes in Lower Delaware are very nice but some are not up to par. I do not show or list homes that do not meet my specifications. All homes must be extremely beautiful and well worth the value. Some of these homes are right on the beach while others have a nice ocean view. That is all for today stay tuned for more posts about Delaware real estate.

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