Saturday, April 12, 2008

Electrical Outlet or Light Switch Frame

by Madoline Hatter

Decorative Electrical Outlet Frame

Here is simple home decoration project to spruce up your walls or sides of cabinets that have an electrical outlet or light switch plate. This electrical outlet pictured to the right is in a conspicuous place in our house and I found the yellowish white plastic color rather offensive, so I came up with the following easy solution for turning an ugly necessity into a decorative piece.

How to decorate an electrical outlet or light switch plate

  1. Find an old unused picture frame or buy a small picture frame from a dollar store or thrift shop
  2. Make sure the inside of the frame fits around the outlet or light switch plate
  3. Take out the glass and save it for other crafts
  4. Clean and paint the frame if necessary or desired (The one pictured above was painted with gold enamel spray paint)
  5. Paint the electrical outlet if desired. You can use small bottle of acrylic paint from the craft or hardware store, usually about $1.79)
  6. Paint any wall area that will show inside the frame, if desired
  7. Glue the frame onto the wall

This treatment is suitable for electrical, cable, and phone outlets as well as light switch plates.

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